How it Works

Unforeseen financial emergencies cannot be handled with shortage of funds in hands. For meeting small cash crunches applying for a loan is the first option that strikes in your mind. With us at Loans Payday you can compare loans by all renowned lenders of Canada in just few clicks of mouse, while just staying at your home or office comfort.

How we work?

Loans Payday is a best platform where you can search for the suitable lender that can provide you best financial deal with feasible terms and conditions. We are not a lender or loan provider. We are here working as intermediaries that bridges gap between you and the lender. We cannot make any credit decisions and we do not even charge any fees for our online loan matching services. Our services are basically formulated to process your information that you provide to us and help you find the most efficient lender based on your requirements and credentials.

How payday loans are a helpful financial aid?

These are short term loans that help you to obtain quick cash advance ahead of your next month payday. Upon approval you can get easy finance ranging from $100 to $1,000, depending on your needs and budget. The loaned money has to be paid back within short repayment duration of 15 to 30 days.

Why payday loans are an expensive fiscal option?

These loans come up with higher rate of interest, because of its short term nature of finances. APR on these loans is also high as due to short term lending interest rates are charged as an annual charge. Plus, lenders will also charge a fixed fee in addition to interest rate to process your loan application. All these high fees and high charges make payday loans expensive. So, you should make sure to repay funds within agreed time period.

How can I use approved funds?

Lenders will not interfere on how you want to spend borrowed money on. You are free to tackle your short term urgent needs such as pay for pending home rent, credit card dues, covering child's education fees, bank overdraft, unexpected medical bill, payment for small home or car damage expenditure etc.

How to get started with Loans Payday?

It will take only few minutes to get started with us. Our application procedure is really very easy, smooth, fast and straightforward. For applying with us you just have to fill in a simple and short online application form with basic personal details and click to submit it. Your personal information will be always kept safe and secure with us. Lenders will process your loan application and they will contact you directly regarding loan approval. No processing fee charge included! No paperwork needed! No personal visits required! Lenders will verify your details and will also perform credit checks on you before lending you money.

For additional information or for sending any suggestions, feedback or queries, please visit our contact us page now!

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